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Standing Up For Dog Bite Victims

Dog bites can have severe consequences for victims, resulting in lacerations, puncture wounds, infections, scarring and disfigurement, and even rabies. Sadly, many dog bite victims are children, who must often contend with physical and emotional scars that last a lifetime.

While breeds such as pit bulls and rottweilers are notoriously aggressive, any breed of dog is essentially unpredictable and prone to biting. Dogs are not to blame, however. It is the owners who are responsible.

At Surdez & Perez P.C., we stand up for dog bite victims in Queens and throughout New York City and surrounding areas. We are here to help you obtain the compensation you need for medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering, and other hardships you or your child has suffered as a result of a dog bite injury.

New York’s ‘One-Bite’ Rule

Under New York laws, owners are liable for damages if their dogs have bitten or acted aggressively toward people in the past. This is often referred to as the “one-bite” rule, meaning a dog can bite once without the owner being liable, but not twice.

Our personal injury attorneys are highly knowledgeable in New York liability statutes as they pertain to dog bites. We can help you understand if the dog’s owner is responsible and fight for the compensation you need and deserve.

Let Us Help

Our lawyers are here to take the legal burden off your shoulders. To arrange your free initial consultation with an experienced dog bite lawyer, please contact us online or by telephone at 800-315-1885.