Are you aware of common illnesses linked to construction work?
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Are you aware of common illnesses linked to construction work?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | Firm News |

There is no doubt that construction is one of the more dangerous industries, but workers should educate themselves on common illnesses as well as being familiar with the potential for injuries. Sometimes, an illness can creep up on you, which is not always the case with injuries. 

eSUB, a creator of construction software, breaks down several illnesses prevalent in the construction business sector. Understand both visible and invisible risks that you face as a construction worker. 

Lung cancer 

Some breathing conditions on construction sites are downright dangerous. Without proper protection or knowledge of such conditions, workers could contract lung cancer. Another factor contributing to lung cancer in construction is the fact that many construction workers smoke cigarettes. 

Asbestos-related illness 

Related to lung cancer, asbestos-related illnesses are also common in construction. Asbestos present in buildings can come loose during renovation, and workers without proper protection may breathe in particles. In the lungs, asbestos can cause scarring and swelling, either of which can make it hard for a person to breathe. The building material also has a history of causing cancer. 


One of the most dangerous things about silicosis, a lung disease, is that it can take several years to develop. Chronic cough and trouble breathing are two symptoms of the occupational illness caused by silica exposure. Silica is a building material found in bricks, granite and marble. 

Occupational asthma 

Sometimes, construction workers become regularly exposed to dangerous substances. Should that happen, they can develop occupational asthma. Future exposure to a particular substance often triggers attacks, making it difficult for affected workers to perform their jobs.