Protecting yourself from danger when you ride the subway
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Protecting yourself from danger when you ride the subway

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2020 | Firm News |

Riding public transportation is an excellent way for you to save on resources, especially if your job or other commitments require you to spend considerable time traveling each week. Commuting on the subway system in New York may also allow you to get things done while you are traveling including work, homework or even leisurely reading or meditating.

Enjoying your ride on the subway and protecting yourself from potential hazards requires you to remain alert and aware of safety practices so you can avoid behaviors that could put your life at risk. According to MTA, when you are entering or exiting a subway car, it is imperative that you make sure that anything you are wearing including clothing, backpacks and even electronic headphones, has not become caught inside the doorway. If you realize that you have forgotten something or suspect that something you are wearing or carrying is going to get caught between the doors, never try to pry them back open. They are designed to close indefinitely until the subway stops again and you could get hurt.

When standing on platforms and waiting for your subway to arrive, be vigilant about your surroundings. Stand back a considerable distance from the tracks and keep anything that may cause distraction put away. Reading a book or listening to an electronic device may cause you to become distracted to the point where you unknowingly wander too close to the tracks. If you happen to drop something onto the tracks, never attempt to retrieve it.

If you are ever traveling with children or infants who ride in strollers, be extra cautious to make sure you have an eye on them at all times. If you must let go of your stroller on or near a platform, make sure the brakes are engaged and that your child is strapped in. If you need to use an escalator or the stairs between platforms, make sure that you fold your stroller and carry your child.