How can you reduce the risk of falling on black ice?
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How can you reduce the risk of falling on black ice?

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2019 | Firm News |

Winter is fast approaching New York, and as you know, that means you are about to deal with plenty of slick and icy surfaces. Walking on ice is one of the biggest winter dangers for slip-and-fall accidents. But is there any way you can cut down on your chances of this happening to you? takes a look at some of the safety tips and tricks you can employ to make walking across black ice a little bit safer. This includes wearing a shoe with a strong tread. Try to get something with deep tracks and a decent grip. There are specific shoes made for walking through ice and snow as well, which may be worth considering investing in. 

There are ways to walk that can lower your center of gravity, slow your tread and thus prevent you from slipping, as well. One way is to walk or waddle like a penguin. It involves taking very small steps, keeping your hands out of your pockets, and keeping your eyes on the ground ahead of you. 

If possible, it also helps to add some texture to the ground itself. This can be done by cutting or scratching up the ice, or by throwing something like salt or sand down on it so that it creates a more textured, rough surface that you can stick to more easily. 

Of course, the best possible prevention is by avoiding going out when it’s icy. Unfortunately that isn’t always an option, however, and you may sometimes have to just use these tactics and do your best.