What are common shoulder injuries in an accident?
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What are common shoulder injuries in an accident?

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Just like what happens with many injuries, you probably do not realize how much you use your shoulder until you injure it in an accident in New York. It seems like you never think about all the work your shoulder does until it can no longer do that work. Having a shoulder injury is very debilitating and painful. There are several different types of shoulder injuries that are most common in an accident scenario, according to OrthoInfo.

Most injuries to the shoulder occur to the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Bone injuries are not as common, although they can occur. You may have a shoulder injury if you notice your shoulder is weak or feels odd like it is out of place. You may also experience pain or stiffness.

Common injuries include sprains and strains where your shoulder was overextended in a way that stretched the muscles, ligaments or tendons more than usually. These types of injuries usually heal fairly easily without complications.

A dislocation is common in a car accident situation. It happens when your shoulder is pushed out of the joint. You will have to have it put back in the joint and then be careful with it as it heals from the trauma. Another similar issue is a separation.

Less common in an accident are a torn rotator cuff and fractures. It is very possible for you to break a bone in your shoulder, but more likely would be breaking the bones around the shoulder in the arm. This information is for education and is not legal advice.